We're committed to helping those with persistent pain to suffer less and live more! So we created a platform just for them — no matter where they are on their path to thriving. 

We offer live courses and a rich Membership program that's designed to help those who suffer with chronic pain to move with ease, cultivate a calm mind, and reconnect with the joys of preparing nourishing meals.

And we also believe that a big part of thriving is to have the right support. 

So, we're bringing together those who suffer from chronic pain and the helping & healing professions who are here to support them. We have a space for dedicated Wellness Professionals - a place offering education and support while helping them reach the people who need their services.

By bridging the two worlds, we can help those with pain and the practitioners who care for them to THRIVE.   



The cause of your pain and discomfort isn't always obvious. Often it’s our habits of moving, thinking, sensing, and feeling that make our symptoms worse. Discover how small, simple changes can help you move with ease and joy again.



Being able to intentionally focus your attention helps to calm and regulate your nervous system. At A Space To Grow, we offer practices that help you take time out from the stresses of modern life, help you tune into your mental state, and become more self-aware.



You've probably heard the adage, "Food Is Medicine." Here at A Space To Grow, we believe that to be true. But we also know that food & nourishment are so much more than that. What nourishes us can feed our soul, connect us with others, and delight our senses. In fact, food can be a tasty path to transformation.



Our community is a safe place to receive support & accountability, share your experience, and ask questions. It is also the place where wellness professions and those with chronic pain can connect and grow.