Let your interests guide you to easier movement!

The lessons offered in the All Levels program are designed to keep you moving. They are perfect for the beginner and experienced student. So look inside, and find what moves you.

As you continue to move and grow, you'll discover (if you haven't already) that this work can go beyond solving physical problems to improving all that you do. One of the greatest gifts of this work is that it can help you to be more attuned to yourself. For many, this deepens their passions and curiosities and inspires them to explore what moves them. For others, it simply brings a greater sense of ease and contentment to everyday activities.

Most of us develop habitual ways of sitting, walking, and moving in childhood that we carry into adulthood. Everyday activities — like opening and closing doors, carrying groceries, and getting in and out of cars — are repeated frequently throughout the day. So frequently that we are often unaware of how we use our bodies or how much energy we expend in performing these actions.

Over time, these habitual ways of doing things can put unnecessary stress on the body, leading to tension, pain and, even injury. But have no fear, these movements can be improved! And no matter where you are in your life, whether you are dealing with pain or wanting to get that extra edge on your performance, Feldenkrais lessons can help.

“When you know what you are doing, you can do what you want." — Moshe Feldenkrais

As always, the lessons are not recipes for "correct" movement, they do not tell you how to breathe or walk, sit or stand. They teach you how to become your own best expert on what's appropriate and efficient for you, and to deepen your awareness. Over time, you'll develop your ability to consciously perceive how you move and how to quickly let go of excess effort & unnecessary tension. These skills and knowledge will allow you to develop new and effortless movements.

I guarantee that if you continue to explore your Movement & Mindfulness practices, you will tap into a sense of ease and power that goes far beyond what you have ever imagined!



This portion of the membership offers a growing of library Awareness Through Movement® lessons. Within the library, you'll find a variety of chapters. Each chapter contains four or more Awareness Through Movement lessons around a specific theme. The lessons within the chapter build on one another so that you can safely deepen your experience over time.



Most of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons are accompanied by three short Attune To Awareness Practices. These shorter practices are designed to deepen your learning experience and keep you moving throughout the day. The Attune To Awareness Practices are typically 5-15 minutes long. We try to offer at least one version for sitting at your desk and one that you can do in bed.

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We LOVE our community! As part of the Feldenkrais® For All Skill Levels portion of the membership, you'll receive two distinct ways to gain massive benefit from the community.

The first way to play, is to share your experience in the our Topic Section dedicated to the All Levels Library. See what others have to say about the lessons they've explored and share your own insights. The second Community feature that we're really proud of is the Movement Accountability Topic. You can sign-up and declare your intentions and get updates on the live classes and the theme of the month.

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Awareness Through Movement®

Feldenkrais For Everyday


  • Buffy Owens

    Feldenkrais Practitioner® & Health Coach

    Buffy Owens

    Buffy Owens is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® and Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. Her journey with the Feldenkrais Method® and Meditation began in the early 1990's. During that same time, she was introduced to the idea of using food as medicine and the importance of Community Supported Agriculture.

    Today, Buffy has a steadfast passion for helping people to move beyond pain and into a life that fills them up — from the inside and out!

    Most of the people that she works with have been suffering from complex pain for so long, that the idea of getting back to living a life they love seems impossible. She helps them to gain the knowledge, skill, and awareness that's necessary to shift from a life of suffering to one of meaning and joy.