Sometimes, you just need to dive in deep.

Sifting through nutrition information, guidance, opinions, and plans easily become confusing and overwhelming. If you’ve ever craved step-by-step guidance for how to reign in your sugar habit, bump up your energy levels, master meal planning, or to integrate the latest science about eating for less pain and inflammation, these nourishing immersions are built to help you to build momentum in a short period of time.

The topic and content in these Nourishing Immersions have been carefully chosen and designed with the Space to Grow community in mind. We know that creating change and building habits can be challenging, but that understanding the ‘why’ behind a change and having the support that you need can make all the difference. That’s why these immersions offer background on the science and the ‘why’ behind recommendations. You’ll also be able to join our 5-day focused community challenges to walk through these nourishing immersions in real-time with the support of others and to ask clarifying questions while applying the strategies, worksheets, and reflection prompts that are applicable to you. 

"When changing habits, focus will help you more than willpower"
—Dr. Rosane

These lessons are never meant to be food ‘prescriptions’ for the "right" way to eat.  No one person can give you all of the information that you need to decide what, how much, or when to eat. Knowledge about the nutritional composition of food and food patterns, properties of various foods, and the biological impacts of food choice and timing can be critical in allowing you to make strategic decisions. However, it is only through experiencing for yourself different ways of cooking and eating that you can decide how best to eat. The conversations that we have about food and nutrition are meant to provide ideas and inspiration. As a member of ‘A Space to Grow’, this is a community for you to explore ways to add more enjoyment and possibility to your own personal eating patterns.  



Each immersion offers a digestible deep dive into the reasons why we might want to make a nourishing change for good. We'll take a brief look at some of the science behind each immersion topic, learn more about how the foods and nutrients we consume impact our brains and bodies, and dive into tried and true strategies to help you translate what you are learning into your life and into your eating habits.



We consider nutrition and nourishment to be an ongoing journey. There there is always an opportunity to broaden and to deepen your experience.

That's why each immersion is designed to help you narrow your focus to tangible action steps, along with practices designed to keep you calm and help you embody the change that you create in your life. Immersions include guidelines for success, daily discussion and reflection prompts, and balanced guidance for food and supplementation decisions. Through repeating immersions over time, you can find new focus areas for your own eating journey that help you to build more knowledge, confidence & opportunities for your own eating.



Each immersion comes with recipes that were created and curated just for the Space to Grow Community. Flavor, nutrient density, joy and variety are key ingredients here-we want you to enjoy every bite. During each immersion, you'll receive a downloadable guide with topic-specific food focuses to add to your growing library of inspiration and resources. Plus, we'll offer ideas for a variety of dietary preferences.



Change can be hard and you don't have to do it alone. We've created a unique online community experience for you so that you can find both accountability and support from others who are focused on similar goals, whether eating for a specific health concern, optimizing nutrition for overall health and wellbeing, or just developing a deeper understanding of how our eating choices impact our health and wellbeing.


Sarah  Ferreira

Integrative Registered Dietitian

Sarah Ferreira

Sarah Ferreira is an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Sarah is dedicated both to the art and science of cutting-edge nutritional care and to the joyful use of food to nourish and support resilience.

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