A space for those who live with pain to connect, nourish, and thrive.

The Embodied Wellness Membership & Community is an online resource designed to help people to reduce their chronic pain, move with greater ease, and feel more in control. 

Whether your a Core Member or a Plus+ Member, Embodied Wellness merges the best of movement, meaning, well-being, and community. It's also a hub, for like-minded and proactive people to come together to learn about pain, reduce their suffering, and transform their lives.

Maybe you've tried it all and still, your pain persists? If so, it's time for a different approach to your pain! Let us show you how working with the body + brain can be different.

So come, connect with others, and develop a lifestyle that nourishes your nervous system, soothes your soul, and feeds your mind. Come and find yourself in motion!

The Embodied Wellness Membership HOME BASE is your point of contact and your hub for navigation.

As you look through the curriculum of the Home Base, you'll notice that there's really only one lesson — Find Your Why. Don't be fooled by this lone lesson. It's a powerful lesson and one that you'll definitely want to do soon after you register.

What you'll notice about the HOME BASE is that it contains searchable directories for all of the lessons in this membership. This is GOLD! You can search by theme, time, orientation, instructor and more. 

The HOME BASE is where you'll go to register for our live events. (one of our favorite perks of this membership). But it's also the home of our very special instructor bios. 

Why so special?

Because this is where you'll gain access to special offers and invitations from the practitioners. How sweet is that?



  • 1


    • Welcome
    • 5 Things To Do Right Now
    • 2-Minutes To Customized Guidance
    • 3-Minute Practitioner Application
  • 2

    Create Your Wellness Intention

    • About Creating An Intention
    • Use The Wellness Intentions To Support Your Clients
    • OPTION #1- Create An Intention For Moving Well
    • OPTION #2- Create An Intention For Nourishing Wellness
    • OPTION #3- Create An Intention For Mindfulness
    • OPTION #4- Create An All-Inclusive Intention For Wellness
  • 3

    Start Moving →

    • What Is Feldenkrais? (3 min read)
    • How To Stay Safe & Support Comfort As You Begin
    • Begin With This Awareness Through Movement® Series
    • Take An Awareness Through Movement® Class
    • BONUS: The Feldenkrais Method® Is So Much More Than Movement
    • How To Support Your Clients With Our Movement Resources
  • 4

    Start Nourishing →

    • What Is Nourishment?
    • Begin With This Nourishing Immersion
    • Take A Culinary Celebrations Class
    • BONUS: Five Ways to Measure Your Digestive Health
    • How To Support Your Clients With Our Nourishing Resources
  • 5

    Start Meditating →

    • What Is Meditation?
    • How To Sit In Meditation
    • Begin With This Meditation Series
    • Take A Taste Of Mindfulness Class
    • BONUS: Maintaining A Daily Meditation Practice
    • How To Support Your Clients With Our Mindfulness & Meditation Resources
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    Professional Affiliate Program

    • Join Our Affiliate Program
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    Upgrade To A Full Membership

    • See All Of The Classes & Courses Offered In The Plus+ Membership
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    📍 Account Navigation

    • Take The Tour
    • How To Update Your Studio Profile
    • How To Register & Join An Online Class
  • 9

    ⭐ Instructors & Guides

    • Buffy Owens, GCFP, FMCHC
    • Sarah Ferreira, RDN
    • Jon Aaron, Meditation