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Our programs are designed to help you to nourish an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Whether you're seeking autoimmune support or looking for ways to move beyond pain, we are here for you.

We merge the best of self-paced learning and live sessions. Our course offerings and class themes change monthly. So we invite you to check back often and see what's on the menu.

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July 10 - June 31

Although 'inflammation' often gets a bad rap, the truth is that we NEED strong, healthy inflammatory responses for the repair of tissues. The trouble begins when our inflammatory pathways run amuck in the form of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation left unchecked can impact your risk for disease, increase pain, and so much more.

In this mini-course, we'll be diving into some of the known and suspected nutritional factors that play into inflammation: and what you can do about it.

Nourishing the seeds of mindfulness and bringing your practice to life.

August 2019

The meditations in the Clarifying The Mind are designed to help you to better understand what the mind is and how to work with it in mindfulness and meditation. As you move through the various forms of meditation, you'll uncover how they nourish the mind-qualities of equanimity, curiosity, self-compassion, and balanced effort.

By the end of the course, you will have the tools for investigating your own mind on a daily basis. 


  • finding balance
  • you are not your thoughts
  • befriending the inner critic
  • sustaining change

Awareness Through
Movement® Classes

Drop in for a single class or attend an entire series.

Unlimited classes are included in the Embodied Wellness Plus+ Membership. You're also welcome to join and pay for a single drop-in class or purchase a class package.

Finding Ease In
Your Hips & Knees

July 16 - Aug 7
Tues @ 7PM ET or Wed @ 12PM ET

Discover how to nourish your knees by learning how to move in a more integrated way. We’ll explore how to safely improve the mobility of the hips for better knee health. We’ll also dive into how to improve posture and reduce the chronic tension that interferes with comfortable movement.
<h4>Finding Ease In<br>Your Hips & Knees</h4>

Mondays With Moshe:
The Master Moves

July 15 - Oct 28
Mon @ 12PM ET

We'll explore the 12 lessons that are published in the book "The Master Moves." The book is an edited transcription of a five-day public workshop taught by Dr. Feldenkrais at Mann Ranch in northern California in 1979.
<h4>Mondays With Moshe:<br>The Master Moves</h4>