Awareness Through
Movement® Classes

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Awareness Through Movement®

4-Week Class Series

Awareness Through Movement® offers a context for self-directed learning and can be done in a class led by a teacher or on your own from an audio recording. They derive from a body of over 1,000 lessons developed by Dr. Feldenkrais, plus hundreds of subsequent lessons by other Feldenkrais Practitioners®.

The live & online classes are 60 minutes and run in 4-week class themes. They are sometimes done while walking, standing, or sitting in a chair, though the majority are done while lying on one’s back, front, and/or sides. Each lesson utilizes gentle movements to retrain your brain. In time, this type of learning can help you to accurately sense yourself in motion and eliminate compulsive and dysfunctional strain.

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Mondays With Moshe:
The Master Moves

July 15 - Oct 28
Mon @ 12PM ET

We'll explore the 12 lessons that are published in the book "The Master Moves." The book is an edited transcription of a five-day public workshop taught by Dr. Feldenkrais at Mann Ranch in northern California in 1979.
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